Mostly known as Donkey Kong's Snowboard cross/ Summit, this course is more or less drifting down a large mountain, skidding across piles of snow. (apart from the start of the track) The course is coverd in masses of snow and ice also, during the course there will be more than one chance to drive up a ramp on one side of the track to gather one of the many boxes ( not a good move ) because you have a one to twelve chance of going back a place or two. The ramps at about half way through the track will give you a choice of ramps, a low and a high one but you must choose wisely other wise, you will go hurtling in to the slow fury of thick snow slowing you down more than anything else on the track. Just after this, the short cut will be on the ramp going over the large ditch, you drive over the the ramp at the right place and you'll make a perfect landing without falling down Once near the end of the track a few piles of slow go snow will be sitting there so you'll have to avoid it by driving over the other side of the ramp but as soon as you cover both parts, a handful of shy guy's will be snow boarding to and from the sides blocking your path finally coming round the final bend to the finish line.

World Record: 1:49Edit

The world record time for DK Summit/Snowboard Cross is 1:49.